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Our goal is to help schools make wise financial decisions and for parents to keep their children enrolled all the way to graduation.

Guides & Resources for Schools & Parents

We never want you to be uninformed. This page will provide valuable information for schools to know how to best run their tuition aid program and for parents to be encouraged through various financial well-being articles, videos, and instructions.

God Has a Better Way

"The Bible speaks to the importance of spending less than we earn, working diligently, saving consistently, and avoiding debt. But more importantly, it speaks to our attitudes and beliefs. The Lord wants us to be transformed from the world’s ways to follow His ways so that we can be free. Here are some of the issues that will help anyone follow God’s way of managing money." See the full Crown article here.


Our Financial Well-Being videos are designed to help you shore up your finances and gain practical budgeting insight and help. Each of these videos are short, usually between 2-4 minutes. Note-taking not required, but understanding a biblically wise approach to handling money is. Enjoy! See them all on our YouTube Channel. Some of the video topics include:

Budgeting Basics
Real Expenses
Budget Wiggle Room
Budget Discipline
​30 Days to Freedom


Finding Financial Freedom
Budget Busters
9 Steps to Transform Your Finances
The Bible Commands Christians to Tithe
​7 Reasons Christians Are Not Required to Tithe
12 Hard Truths for Graduates to Help Them Not Be Broke 
​5 Dangers of Money

Helpful Tips

These links lead to visuals of items you may be requested to provide so you have a better understanding of what we are referring to.

  • DETAILED PROFIT & LOSS STATEMENT (this is not the same as a schedule from your tax file). Counsel: Maintaining good accounting books is essential for small businesses as it promotes transparency and helps build trust with stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, and investors. Accurate financial records also facilitate compliance with tax and legal requirements, financial control, and informed decision-making. By keeping transparent accounting practices, small businesses can identify potential issues and address them promptly, which can contribute to their long-term success.
  • HOW TO REMOVE PASSWORD PROTECTION FROM A PDF. Since our system will not accept password-protected documents, these instructions will provide you some options to remove the password-protection (encryption) from your PDF files.