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"The BeneFAQ tuition aid verification program is real quick, real-time, and real accurate."

How It Works

Our process generates a final report that gives schools valuable insight regarding the financial health of applicant families. Schools can make better decisions regarding award determinations and wisely disperse their tuition aid budget.

Steps In the Process

  1. Schools sign up online creating a secure account and gaining access to their own school administrative portal where they are able to monitor the process of each tuition aid applicant. For personalized attention, we encourage schools to either email us or call 888.339.7509.

  2. We provide schools a link to our video tutorials and send out our "Mostly Monthly" enewsletter with valuable and helpful information about BeneFAQ and managing a successful tuition aid program at the school. Schools are up and running with ease. Our customer service team is always here to help you no matter your questions. We also provide schools all the information needed to share with parents so they are aware of the program and what they need to do to apply. 

  3. Parents can start their portal login process on the BeneFAQ website. After creating an account pay the $35 application fee, they can then proceed. Throughout the process, we request additional documents, such as pay stubs, tax returns, and other items to validate their situation.

  4. Once processing is completed, the school has access to our final analysis on the easy-to-understand FACT Report (Family Anticipated Contribution Total). This report highlights the monthly dollar amount the family should be able to reasonably pay toward their tuition, helping schools take the guesswork out of awarding tuition aid.
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